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Ice Transparent Color Coffee Long Ballet Wear Manicure Finished Fake Nail

Ice Transparent Color Coffee Long Ballet Wear Manicure Finished Fake Nail

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The package contains 24 nail pieces and 1 gram of glue


Note: There are 24 pieces of nails in this set and 12 sizes. The following sizes are manual and there will be some deviations. 



1. Take out the nail file and lightly polish the surface of the nail to remove grease

2. Wipe the nail with a cleaning pad until it is clean and then dry

3. Choose the appropriate size of the nail piece and apply the glue to the nail piece or stick it on the back of the nail piece with adhesive tape

4. Press the nail plate from the root of the nail to the front edge of the nail for about 10 seconds until it is firmly adhered

5. After pasting, use a nail file to trim the edges neatly


Removal method:

1. Dip the nail remover with an orange stick

2. Use an orange stick to gently lift the nail plate along the side gap

3. Pry it several times until the nail piece falls off

4. Use nail products to care for nails after removal

Note: The numbers on the back of the nails are fingertips, and they are easy to wear and tear. When using, distinguish the front and back and stick them!

It is recommended that novices try it with double-sided tape after they get it. The double-sided tape can be removed and worn at any time, which is environmentally friendly, convenient and does not hurt the nails. After you are familiar with it, use glue to stick the nail piece if necessary.

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