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14 Color 6ML Women Fashion New Metallics Nail Polish Mirror Nail Polish

14 Color 6ML Women Fashion New Metallics Nail Polish Mirror Nail Polish

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1, Mirror nail polish contains ball, must be shaken before use. 
2, In order to ensure the effect, it is recommended to use a layer of primer in the nail before the base oil, nail surface formation. Direct use of nail polish, can not achieve the mirror effect.? 
3, When you can use a light brush layer, to be dry and then brush a layer, the proposed brush 2-3 layer. 
4, The last in the surface brushing base oil, can last longer, and not easy to scratch. 
5,Because the special effects of mirror nail polish, generally only a short time (2-3 days), if there is a higher demand, please carefully 

Mirror nail polish features 
1, The real mirror water-soluble pure nail polish, texture than ordinary nail polish will dilute the point (ps: a lot of people think too thin is the quality is not good) On the contrary, if you buy a thick nail polish, then congratulations You, you just buy low-cost ordinary metal silver. 
2, Mirror silver is different from the ordinary water-based nail polish, silver mirror is a taste, but after brushing on the taste quickly. 
3, True or false mirror nail polish difference, the true mirror which usually contains the ball, if placed for some time, there will be stratification, because the silver texture heavier, easy to precipitate, false will not. 

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